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5 photo contests to participate in 2023

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Photo contests are an excellent way to recognize your career and also a great way to discover your level in front of other photographers. Winning a competition means receiving cash prizes, equipment and also a lot of recognition for your work and, automatically, new opportunities. That's why we've made a selection of some good photo contests for you to evaluate participation in 2023. See the list below:

“Orangutan in The Rain” (Orangotango na chuva) por Andrew Suryono, da Indonésia

1. CEWE Photo Award

The CEWE Photo Award 2023 is the biggest photography competition in the world. And the reason for it being considered the biggest photography contest in the world is simple: in total, 250,000 euros (about R$ 1.2 million) will be distributed in prizes for the winners. The prize for the overall winner includes a trip worth €15,000 (around R$90,000) to anywhere in the world plus a camera worth €7,500.

The other nine general category winners (2nd to 10th place) will receive photographic equipment worth EUR 5,000, as well as CEWE photographic products worth EUR 2,500. You have the opportunity to submit a total of 100 photos in ten different categories for the CEWE Photo Award 2023 until May 31, 2023. Would you like to participate in the CEWE Photo Award 2023? So let's register on the contest website:

2. HIPA International Photography Award

If you like to participate in photography competitions, you should participate in the HIPA International Photography Award 2023, the photo competition with the highest awards in the world. The contest is sponsored by Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid bin Mohammed al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, and offers a prize pool of more than R$2.5 million. Registration is free and professional and amateur photographers can participate. Applications should open in the coming weeks. So keep an eye out on the HIPA website or here on the iPhoto Channel, and we'll post a feature once registration opens.

3. Sony World Photography Awards

Entries are open for the Sony World Photography Awards 2023, an international photography contest promoted annually by the World Photography Organization in partnership with Sony. The winner of the professional category receives a cash prize of US$ 25,000, with a total prize pool of R$ 150,000. Participation is open to professional and amateur photographers. Subscriptions are completely free.

The contest is divided into 4 categories: Professional – exceptional bodies of work between 5 and 10 images in ten categories; Open – the best individual images in the world in ten categories; Youth – emerging talent aged between 12 and 19.

4. World Press Photo 2023

World Press Photo 2023, the world's largest and most respected photojournalism and documentary photography competition, announced that entries are now open. The contest rewards the best images on various topics such as politics, economics, sports, culture and the environment. Registration is free and the winners will share a prize of US$ 48,000.

Initially, those interested will compete in 6 regional stages: Africa, Asia, Europe, North and Central America, South America and Southeast Asia and Oceania. The 24 winners of the regional stages will win US$ 1,000 (about R$ 5,000) in prize money and will qualify for the world stage. Finally, the contest jury will choose the four global winners, who will earn an additional $5,000.

Entries for World Press Photo 2023 can be submitted free of charge until January 11, 2023 on the official contest website:

5. iPhone Photography Awards

The IPPAwards are the Oscars of the mobile photography world. It launched the careers of many iPhone photographers around the world. There are 18 different categories to enter including people, sunset, animals, architecture, portrait, abstract and travel. Entries are due to open in early 2023 on the contest's official website.

18 categories

1st Place Prize – Gold Bar (1g) and Certificate

2nd Place Prize – Silver Bar (1g) and Certificate

3rd Place Prize – Silver Bar (1g) and Certificate



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