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7 Tips to shoot well with your cell phone.

By: iVAN (estagiário sob supervisão)

Photography is a wonderful way to capture special moments and share experiences with friends and family. With the advancement of technology, cell phone cameras have become an important tool for those who like to photograph. Therefore, we have prepared some tips to help you get better results when shooting with your mobile phone.

1. Clean the camera lens

The first tip is simple, but often ignored: clean the lens of your cell phone's camera. As the cell phone is used daily, it is common for the lens to accumulate dirt and finger marks. This can affect the quality of your photos. Therefore, before you start shooting, clean the lens with a soft cloth or flannel.

2. Use the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a composition technique that can significantly improve the quality of your photos, it consists of dividing the image into three equal parts, both vertically and horizontally, forming a total of nine parts. Then place the main object of the image at one of the intersections of these lines, instead of in the centre of the image. This creates a more interesting and pleasing composition to the eye.

3. Adjust the exposure

Exposure is the amount of light that the camera captures to create the image, sometimes the cell phone camera can overexpose or underexpose the image, leaving it too light or too dark. To avoid this, adjust the exposure manually. On most smartphones, you can adjust the exposure by tapping the screen and dragging your finger up or down.

4. Use portrait mode

Portrait mode is a great option for shooting people or objects in the foreground, it creates a blur effect in the background, which highlights the main object of the image. It's a great way to create images with depth and make the object stand out.

5. Do not use the digital zoom

Digital zoom is when you zoom in on the image using the mobile phone's zoom feature, however, this can affect the image quality, leaving it grainy or distorted. Instead, get close to the object you want to photograph or use an external lens for your mobile phone.

6. Use uma luz natural

Light is one of the main factors that affect image quality, so it is important to use natural light whenever possible. Avoid using the cell phone flash, as it can leave the image with shadows or very clear. Instead, look for a place with good natural lighting or use a reflector to improve lighting.

7. Try different angles

Finally, don't be afraid to experience different angles when shooting, take pictures from above, below, from the side or from any other angle that can highlight the main object of the image. This can create unique and interesting images that stand out from conventional photos.

In short, photographing with a cell phone can be fun and rewarding, as long as you know how to get good results. Good luck!


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