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Fanny cats, colorful kittens full of personality

The internet is full of unusual illustrations of animals, aliens, warriors and so on. The world of NFTs shakes the crowd that collects these works. I decided to join this wave.

Fanny Cats by Jefferson Figueiredo (OpenSea)

I'm a photographer with a traditional style, I have several works printed in fine art and I really like to explore the tiny worlds of macro photography, landscapes and street photography, even so I'm not closed to new artistic experiences.

So, I decided to explore my illustrator side since in photography I take my works to the extreme in manipulation via Photoshop, through strong colors and striking contrasts, but always maintaining balance. In the Funny Cats series, I went beyond the barrier of photography and threw myself headlong into illustrations on Corel, the result was 4 incredible kittens full of personality and style.

©2022 Jefferson Figueiredo

Soon, the NFT versions on OpenSea will also be available to cat manic collectors.


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