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New Digital Art Collections in NFT

Already in the wave of artificial intelligence, 3 new collections of NFTs by visual artist Jefferson Figueiredo will be released soon at OpenSea.

In times of ChatGpt, MidJourney among others, artificial intelligence came to stay among us in various areas of knowledge, in the visual arts could not be different. Surfing on this wave, visual artist Jefferson Figueiredo (@MrJFigueiredo) used some authorial photos as a basis to generate new images with AI support and launch 3 new 1/1 NFT collections in the first half of 2023: Baby Flowers Collection In this collection the imaginary makes a comparison of the small seeds of flowers with the human embryo, the result is virtual babies as pollens in flowers from the artist's authorial photographs.

NFT member of the Babies Flowers Collection

Faces of Imagination Collection This NFT series is all based on elaborate prompts, which are complex commands and detailed descriptions to generate the images in AI, in some cases led to generate up to 20 images to reach their final version. The faces are not of real people and were generated by AI and later went through image processing in Photoshop.

NFT member of the Faces of imagination collection

Mystical Beauty Collection Perhaps it is the collection that comes closest to an illustration with rich and realistic details, it brings a mystical symbolism involving elements of nature and enchanted beings. All images went through a rigourous AI creation process and were later individually adjusted and improved in Photoshop.

NFT member of the Mystical Beauty collection

The news continues for the second half of this year with more collections to be released, see a small sample below:

To access the collections in the OPENSEA Marketplace, use the link below:


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