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Photographic Composition, learn how to improve your photos

These composition techniques are really key to improving your photographs and creating more attractive and impactful images.

regra dos terços

Here are some extra tips on how you can apply each of these techniques:

Rule of Thirds:

When photographing landscapes, try placing the horizon on one of the horizontal lines, rather than in the center of the image.

In portraits, position the subject's eyes at the top intersection point to give more strength to the facial expression.

Guide Lines:

Look for lines leading to the main point of interest. For example, a road that leads to a house or a fence that guides the eye towards a sunset.

Use these lines to create a visual journey that keeps the viewer engaged with the photo.


Try framing a person between tree branches or through a window to add depth and context.

The natural framing not only highlights the subject, but also adds a layer of interest to the environment.

Point of Interest:

Make sure the point of interest is clear and free from surrounding distractions. This may involve moving to better position the subject or adjusting focus.

Try different angles or points of view to highlight your point of interest in unique ways.


Use color, light and shadow to balance the image. For example, a dark object on one side may be balanced by a lighter object on the other.

Consider the visual weight of elements in the image by balancing large objects with multiple smaller ones or grouping objects together.


Include elements in different planes, such as a flower in the foreground, a person in the middle plane, and mountains in the background.

Use a small aperture to keep all planes in focus, enhancing the sense of depth in your image.

Practicing these techniques regularly and studying how other photographers apply them to their work can really help develop your eye and improve your composition skills. Also, don't be afraid to break these rules every now and then to create something truly original and expressive.

Good luck !


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