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  • Foto do escritorJefferson Figueiredo

Photographing is what really matters.

No matter what place or equipment we use, when our view captures that scene that needs to be immortalized in an image, we use whatever equipment is available. For this reason, I do not exclude the possibility of dealing with beautiful images made by a cell phone.

Certainly we are faced with everyday moments that surprise us, be it an unexpected manifestation of nature, human behavior or even an unusual environment, after all we never know when we will be able to record that event again. Many of us do not carry our professional equipment hanging from the shoulders, when we go to supermarkets, shops, streets etc.

The example below illustrates in a simple and direct way what I say, because yesterday on a visit to a medical clinic for routine exams and I came across a beautiful staircase, waiting to be photographed.

And you, also do not miss the opportunity to register everything with your smartphone? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

iPhone 11 Pro Back Lens

iPhone 11 Pro Back Lens


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