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Castles of the Past, new photographic series.

A new series of photographs dedicated to castles and historic buildings in Europe taken from 2015 to 2018 are now presented in a new image treatment.

©2022 Jefferson Figueiredo

The photographs register a new phase of image treatment, bringing striking colors and strong contrasts, giving more life and vivacity to the subject.

Why Castles?

Castles are common in the old continent and have always brought me great admiration and curiosity, after all I live in a "young" country and sixteenth-century buildings are rare around here, due to the age of our country. The entire selection of images was based on a personal collection that accumulated material over 5 years of travels and expeditions through Europe, mainly through France.

I hope you enjoy this new series, made with great care and full of historical and personal importance, since each image represents for me a frozen moment in the time of my professional experience as a photographer.

Where can I purchase a work from the series?

Fine Art Printing

To purchase a Fine Art print, just contact me directly through the official website. Access the website here.

NFT version

Some of the material in this series is available to collect in NFT format on the OpenSea marketplace. Access the collection here.


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