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Enraged bees win the "Wildlife Photographer of the Year"

Winning photo captures the moment when several males involve a single female in a match dispute.

Karine Aigner, is the big winner of the 2022 "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" contest, with her magnificent work "Ball of Enraged Bees". According to the photographer, it was necessary to use a specific lens, capable of getting very close to the center of the action.

"I had to spend a lot of time on my stomach on earth," Aigner reported.

Check out the other award-winning photos:

'A Morte de Ndakasi', by Brent Stirton (África do Sul)

'Cellow Flamingoes', by Junji Takasago (Japan)

'A Morte do Lago', by Daniel Núñez (Guatemala)

'Sevening Star', by Tony Wu (USA/Japan)

'A Arrebatadora de Morcegos', by Fernando Constantino Martínez Belmar (Mexico)

'The House of the Bears', by Dmitry Kokh (Russia)

The annual exhibition dedicated to the WPY competition will be inaugurated at the Natural History Museum in London on Friday (10/14).


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